DCBC Exclusively at Saracen Casino Resort

DCBC is lovingly brewed right here on-site exclusively at the Saracen Casino Resort.

Four silver and copper brewing tanks gleam behind a wall of glass in the casino’s Legends Sports Bar. DCBC corresponds with the Quapaw Nation’s vision of living off the land to create a farm-to-table experience for our customers.

Even though it adds to the things we already do, agricultural wise, being able to control where the products come from and over the things that we are putting on the table and feeding to our guests is important to us.

The craft beer is used in the restaurant’s cooking, and the Quapaw Nation will continue to create ale recipes by using ingredients from our coffee roasting facility and honey from its beehives.


1673 IPA

A copper colored India Pale Ale, with a tropical, citrus-piney hop flavor.

Chinook hopped and balanced with a subtle malt character and a dry bitter finish. ABV 6.2%.

Vudoo Honey Brew

A traditional brown ale brewed with Quapaw Honey, medium bodied, with hints of caramel and a slightly sweet, smooth finish. ABV 5.4%.